Saturday, December 1, 2012

Club Reports: Blue Martini, The Groove

Blue Martini on a Friday night; used to be one of the places to go for happy hour.  And if you struck gold, you stayed longer!
Live band playing Top 40 from 7:30pm until 11:00pm.  The $10 admission begins when the band begins.  The relatively steep for Orlando charge helps keep out the rift-raft!
The dance floor got really crowded when award winning DJ Jay Mac (XL106.7, Vintage, Antigua, 180 Grey Goose Lounge) was spinning Top 40/Dance between sets and after the band finished!
Although it gets even more crowded on Thursday Latin Nights!
Blue Martini is trying to rebuild their Friday night business and bringing Jay Mac is a step in the right direction!
A quick jump to the other side of Florida's Turnpike brings us to The Groove!

The Groove resident DJ King (Crooklyn Clan, Motion, BET Soundstage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, PI Live) on the new control board spinning an awesome mostly EDM set!  Sure there was some of the normal stuff like "Whoop, There It Is" but it was mostly Top 40/Dance including David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Steve!
The dance floor stayed full; the peeps recognize the music since most of Top 40 is now EDM!  And as we saw at Electric Daisy Carnival, this is what is wanted!
Partying in the VIP!
Yes, I know.  I no longer accept any responsibility!
But a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

I see King switched to Serato Dj with the Pioneer DDJ-XS controller. I'll have to give him some crap about that next time I see him. ;)

He was always a Scratch Live/turntable guy.

Good to see Jay Mac rocking the house in Blue Martini again.

FN said...

Two things:
1) How are the martinis at Blue Martini?
2) I've seen the old guy in the hot pants at DTD dancing to any artist playing live music. He's hilarious, and always has a great time, and always distracts your attention from whoever is performing. Someday I'll be that old, and if senility sets it, will be wearing my pants hiked up to my nipple line, and probably not giving a s**t either! ha...

KingBob said...

1) Expensive.
2) He was a regular at 8TRAX back in the day and now he's a regular at CityWalk, particularly TG and LQ.

ClubMaster said...

That old guy is one of the brothers of the maserati luxury cars, He is loaded with money and if he wanted too he could afford to buy Pleasure island property and make it his own clubs. He is spotted in citywalk and when pleasure island was there he was partying there as well and basiclly every club you can think of.

KingBob said...

We call him the "Ferreri Guy" because he owns the local Ferreri dealership off Lee Road.