Saturday, December 22, 2012

Club Report: Splitsville

Save Pleasure Island Blog coverage of the Splitsville opening continued last night with a visit during the venue's first-ever weekend!
Friday night resident DJ PopRoXxX (The Groove, The Other Bar) was in the house spinning a mix of pretty much everything including 90's, light Hip Hop, Top 40.
No one was dancing though except these two employees!  The upstairs is adult-only after 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights.
A PI friend that I ran into who was there Thursday night for DJ Rage (The Groove) says a crowd would dance only when that DJ played popular line dances such as "Cupid Shuffle", but otherwise not.  PopRoXxX is the NYE DJ at The Groove in CityWalk, a gated event.
All of the upstairs bars were crowded.  The upstairs outdoor bar was closed due to Orlando's first cold snap of the winter.  The downstairs outdoor bar was open.  All the bowling lanes were occupied.  Whether Splitsville will turn out to be a place to "go dancing" as hoped, remains to be seen.
Spotted: Two adventurers from the Adventurers Club.  With a group of AC people there chatting on opening night, they have designated this small area near the main bar as the official "Adventurers Club Nook".  And thus the name shall stand.
Meanwhile looking off into the distance from the upstairs balcony, Pleasure Island calls out for help!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Atlantic Dance Hall! GREAT!

Ian said...

Ah the Adventurers Club Nook and it also has it's own tag line that Tucker and I bestowed upon it: Adventurers Club Nook- Our balls are always in the gutter so our minds are always rattled!

KingBob said...

Sounds like an appropriate saying for the Adventurers Club Nook, where the pool tables are not far away!