Friday, December 7, 2012

Club Report: Splitsville

We've watched this baby grow from an idea to a reality.  Splitsville has arrived!
Opening ceremonies this morning for members of the media and select cast members including Goofy. Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy was on the scene!
DJ PopRoXxX was on the boards spinning a mostly 80's mix.  He'll be the resident DJ at Splitsville on Friday nights; he already does Saturday nights at The Other Bar in downtown Orlando.  Ironically, he's spinning tonight at The Groove in CityWalk and he'll be TG DJ on NYE as well.
They venue has a sushi bar.
The venue has a full liquor bar.
The venue has pool tables.
The venue has a large restaurant.  Did we mention they have bowling too?

So here's the deal.  Thommy says that Splitsville opens to the public on Wednesday, December 19th.  The lower level will always be "all ages".  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights the upper level will be 21+ after 10:30pm.  Those nights will have DJ's while the rest of the time MP3 mixes will be playing in the background.  Thursday might be a castmember night.  Looks like we're getting what we hoped for; an adult-friendly venue with DJ-driven music. Whether the music will be any good and whether anyone will be dancing (behind the DJ?) remains to be seen.  Welcome Splitsville!  Big thanks to Thommy for his report and photos.


Anonymous said...

I want Mannequins Dance Palace BACK!

ClubMaster said...

anyone know when they will start allowing Reservations??

zulemara said...

we talked to the events manager about reservations. Initially they are not allowing any reservations. They will re-evaluate it in the spring time at the earliest once they have a handle on demand. They said they feel as though it's most important to service walk-ins and make sure they are taken care of. They also said the maximum time at once would be 1 hour. So you can't walk in and purchase 2 hours of bowling. It's 1 hour and they will allow you to finish your game if it's close to the 1 hour being up.

Speculation - once they figure out what their demand is and when, I suspect they will at least allow walk-ins which are over 1 hour. If the place is empty, I can't see them turning people way so I'm sure there will be a level of judgement involved in it, but as a general policy, they will say 1 hour maximum.

KingBob said...

Thanks for the update, Zulemara.

ClubMaster said...

1 hour doesnt seem enough, The reason why I asked is because because from what I am guessing there will be VIP sections on the upper levels for 21+ and Because of my up coming birthday in January If I Spend more then $100 on bottle service then it should be more then 1 hour. But I am figuring if its slow and not all lanes are busy and the maximum time is 1 hour that they can extend the time limite to maybe 2-3 hours for a extra Fee. <--- After all Disney is all about making money right?

zulemara said...

I would expect, on a case by case basis, they will accommodate requests like that. But it will be only case by case, not policy.