Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blog Reader Music Mixes

Many Save Pleasure Island Blog readers are DJ's themselves so I wanted to share some of their music mixes with you. At this time we also welcome Soundcloud since they now adapt to Blogger.

DJ Ken E (CDN) plays at clubs in both Windsor, Ontario and across the river in Detroit, Michigan.  A big fan of Pleasure Island, he reports that one recent residency had him playing music from many of the PI clubs during each set.  For instance, his first set was all Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, his second set a combo of 8TRAX and Motion and his final set all Motion and Mannequins!  Hope you enjoy "Fillet of Soul" above!

Discovery Project was an addition to the Electric Daisy Carnival series of DJ concerts this year and allowed "undiscovered" DJ's from around the country to each submit a mix and potentially get chosen to actually perform at an Insomniac event.  Here we have DJ Gydyr's winning mix that allowed him to perform at the Escape From Wonderland concert.  A veteran of the Orlando music scene when he was known as Vitamindevo, he graduated from Full Sail University in 2002 and now lives in California.

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Both pretty good.