Friday, December 7, 2012

Avicii Song Is Driving Me Crazy!

DJ Tim Bergling (S), who is better known under his brand name Avicii, keeps getting a bum wrap in my opinion.  Although DJMag readers recently voted him the #3 DJ in the world (after Armin van Buuren & Tiësto), few fellow DJ's are giving him much respect!  It's as if they think he's undeserving of the publicity he's been getting.  Fact is his 2011 megahit "Levels" catapulted him from nowhere into the public eye.  At the international level such as the recent EDC-Orlando, I heard only one Avicii song the entire two days.  At the local level, I've heard of DJ's being told that if they play an Avicii song during their set that the Promoter will come over and literally drag them out of the club! LOL. Anyway, have you ever heard a song and then the rest of the day it stays with you in your brain and you can't stop it no matter how hard you try?  And it drives you crazy?  Such is the case with Avicii's "Last Dance".  It's got an incredibly long monster bass intro and a harpsichord-like sound after that; and no vocals.  And that whistling!  OMG!
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Anonymous said...

Avicii is talented as a producer but so are alot of other guys; not sure about his actual Dj'ing skillz.

As long as he can keep making tracks and fly around the world to do gigs for a lot of $$, he probably doesn't care if other Djs disrespect him as an artist.

He's making bank..

KingBob said...

Good analysis; thanks!