Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pleasure Island vs CityWalk

So many readers keep posting comments about how CityWalk is now the place to go since Disney closed the Pleasure Island clubs.  Indeed, CityWalk (and to a lesser extent Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando) are the places closest to Pleasure Island in concept featuring multiple night life venues mixed with restaurants.
So we can't forget CityWalk's bold move in 2008 inviting Pleasure Island annual passholders over to give them a try.  Bring in your PI AP they said and they'd issue you a CW AP valid for 6 months. This was directed generally at Orlando locals, the ones most likely to hold annual passes and the ones most likey seeking out a new home in a post-PI era.  Did it work?  To a large extent, yes.  It seems that Pleasure Island regulars scattered in a number of different directions but I continue to find the largest contingents at CityWalk

I think CityWalk did blow one opportunity by not offering their own AP's after the 6-month deal expired.  Unless you have an expensive Universal Premier Pass which includes the theme parks, they don't offer locals any kind of pass which would defrey the expense of visiting. Nonetheless, CityWalk has boomed since Disney handed them their local and tourist nightlife revenue.  I'm told that revenue was then funneled into the construction of Wizarding World of Harry Potter which in turn generated so much revenue for Universal overall that it is funding the other additions that are coming.  Universal has been able to capture at least one day of many Disney visitors' stays, a huge loss for Disney.  And it's all beause they closed Pleasure Island!     


Anonymous said...

Are you listening Mr. Iger? Does Disney ever listen?

Brian said...

I was watching WFTV and the mayor of Orlando Buddy Dryer claims that him and the city brought life and night life to Downtown Orlando. HA it was the closing of Pleasure Island that made Dtown busy again!

Anonymous said...

It was a really dumb thing to do,closing all the clubs and everything.
If I were you I would reopen things, and give CIITY WALK a run for their money.
P.S. Interesting info.