Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PI Update: Splitsville Construction

Extensive renovations continue on the former Virgin Megastore location in Dowtown Disney West Side as workers turn the building into a Splitsville luxury bowling alley.
Both the Splitsville website and the new Downtown Disney Guide Map still refer to a Fall, 2012 opening.  However, all references to that date previously posted on the building itself have been removed.
After peeking inside, the Blog is predicting a March, 2013 opening.
PI fans are not excited about the venue because of the 30 bowling lanes; we're excited about the promised "live music".  That could mean Rock bands RRBC-style or it could mean DJ-driven music, Motion style!  Save Pleasure Island Blog will continue to have regular updates!


Jeff-Gainesville said...

WOW! Nice eye from the sky. March you say? Certainly not the late 2012 as announced. Thanks for the update!

KingBob said...

Yes, our Save Pleasure Island SKYCAM has been reinstalled. Of course our overnight drone flights will operate as needed as well!

My guess on March. Definitely can't see them finishing by mid-December.