Friday, October 19, 2012

Club Reports: Pine Street Party, Vixen, Vintage

A celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Pine Street was blocked off last night to allow for a street party.
During my visit this guy was yelling about something I didn't quite get while a good-sized crowd looked on.
Then these two girls each poured a can of paint onto his long hair.
And then he went on to talk about how this is considered art.  OK, movin-on!
Oh, they did have a DJ spinning EDM so that part was good!
Over to Vixen Bar to check out their new color-changing sign.  Very nice.
Resident DJ Jimmy Joslin spinning Top 40/Dance/EDM.  Would be nice to see him playing at Electric Daisy Carnival next month!
The place was pretty full and there were some couples on the dance floor.
Moving next door to Vintage Lounge for their Bang! Thursdays.
DJ Shock playing EDM as well to kick-off the night.
Really good crowd in the house!
Lots of people on the dance floor.

But the reason for the season, DJ Baby Anne taking control at midnight!
The music was a mix of Breakbeats, House and some classic Old School from back in the day.
Baby Anne will be overseeing the revolving dance floor at Amphitheatre on Saturday, November 3rd and bouncing with the waves at Club V on Victory Casino Cruises on Saturday, November 17th.
Would love to see her on the Phase 2 DJ list for EDC as well!  

Spotted: I-Bar gurl posing with Baby Anne!
And on this Thursday night, a good time was had by all!

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