Friday, August 31, 2012

PI Update: One Year Ago

(CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE)  It was one year ago this week when Disney work crews spent several nights obliterating references to club names at the buildings that remained on Pleasure Island.  When the PI clubs were closed in 2008, many of the buildings kept their names posted in some form including the Adventurers Club which very much remained the Adventurers Club. It was so untouched (top photo) that Disney was able to host  Adventurers Club Reunions on the first anniversary of the closing.  But one year ago the crews came in and removed all of the remaining outside historical relics, concreted over the imbedded club name and all other traces of what it was. That statue-guy holding up the entrance is all that remains (lower photo).  Regardless, everybody's still the Adventurers Club!  Congaloosh!!   


Anonymous said...

Just yesterday morning around 10am/11am maintenance was touching up the part of the exterior that had the Club's name etched into the building.

Anonymous said...

The Adventurers Clib will rise again! We will soon be singing the song of Adventurers marching back to 5189 Hill St.!