Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Years ago when I first started listening to what we then called "Techno", I didn't understand why a song would be labeled as coming from what was usually a male name when clearly the sound coming out of the speakers was a female voice.  Why was some guy getting credit for the song?  In other genres of music a song was labeled as a Barbara Streisand song when Barbara Streisand was singing.  If Britney Spears was singing, it was labeled as a Britney Spears song.  But apparently not so in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

I quickly learned that in EDM, DJ's were often more than disk jockeys playing records.  Many produced their own songs, hiring singers for the vocals.  And because they produced the music, they got the credit while the singer many times did not.  Back in 2004 for instance, I could be at Mannequins listening to a beautiful female voice singing "Just Be" by DJ TiĆ«sto with no mention that the voice belonged to Kirsty Hawkshaw. 

In the past few years this has really begun to change with the vocalists finally getting their credit.  Introducing the "featuring" or "feat." or "ft." now seen on so many EDM songs.  The DJ/Producer still gets the top billing but the vocalist's name follows it.  Now you know who is singing!

Here's this week's Top 5 EDM songs from RadioDanz.com, and every one of them has a "feat":


feat Salem Al Fakir
SilhouettesRadio Edit

2Stone & Van Linden
feat Lyck
Into The LightFestival Mix

feat Christina Soto
One MoreRadio Edit

4Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge
feat Gabriela
World To TurnRadio Edit

5David Penn
feat Max C
Lovin URadio Edit

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