Sunday, August 5, 2012

Club Reports: Atlantic Dance Hall, Independent Bar

A rare Saturday night visit to Atlantic Dance Hall, the only remaining Disney-owned and operated dance club at WDW after the Pleasure Island venues were closed down.
DJ Frankie (Frankie and The West End Boys, West End Stage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club) on the boards last night playing a mix of everything requested.....
.....including the requisite line dances.
Atlantic Dance's format has been called a "perpetual wedding reception" by some but he did play a few EDM songs during my visit so I was happy.  ADH is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort in Bay Lake, Florida.  Admission and parking are always free except for their NYE Party.
From Disney to Downtown.  Next stop Independent Bar to cap off the evening.  I-Bar is free on Saturday nights until 11pm and then has a cover charge of $5/guys and $3/ladies.
DJ Indie John and Lighting Tech Ernie overseeing the festivities.
The floor was mobbed with people dancing to the Saturday night format of 80's New Wave/Old Wave.
Spotted: Orlando celebutante CJ (looking great with some height on her), visiting with The Benchmark.
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Bob, is there a pleasure island reunion coming up?

Brian said...

yes there is AT Atlantic dance hall
Sept 29!
and it is all ways Nice to see you Bob!!

Brian said...
here! PI reunion!

Save Pleasure Island said...

Brian, thanks! Will do an article about this soon. Readers, there is also an 8TRAX Reunion on Sept 23 at Retro Room.