Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Club Report: Central Station (Moscow)

We have a long-time-coming club report from Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy who visited gay club Central Station in Moscow, Russia this past March.  Here is his report:
After much research and knowing my company had my back, I decided it was worth whatever risk was involved to venture out.  This reporter laughs in the face of danger for the Save PI Blog!  At Central Station gates greet you just off the main sidewalk with security cameras and a buzz required to get through the gate.
I was patted down, removed my jacket and did a coat check.  The lower level consisted of a lounge room with a bar.  The bar was U-shaped and the other side of it had a room with a dance floor and VIP area.  The music was Top 40 Remixes and 8TRAX, believe it or not.  Tempo was all over the place.  I wasn't very impressed, although there was a shiny disco ball.
After midnight it began to fill up. Being in Moscow, I expected more of a European influence.  I didn't travel this far to hear Top 40 Remixes!  I noticed a stairwell that had been closed before with many people now going up and down it.  What could be up here?
A large dance floor and balcony greeted me!  I hit the jackpot.  Nevermind the mostly naked guys, I counted 12 shiny disco balls up here and the music was MUCH more as I expected! (Techno)  Sadly, right after this my wallet and iPhone were picked right out of my front pocket!  So no more drunk emailing of pictures to Bob in Orlando and my hotel was able to send a car for me. It was actually a very nice club considering it's in the heart of Moscow.   
Editor's Note: Europe is well-known for the high quality of their pickpockets.  That is likely the most harm that would ever come to a tourist.  Here in the United States if a thief wants your iPhone, he shoots you!  Thanks, Thommy!


Anonymous said...

So he gets pick pocketed in Moscow and you somehow make it into getting shot in the US. Wow someone has a chip on their shoulder. Yes I hear of people getting shot for their Iphone ALL the time.

zulemara said...

also the last picture was of a huge light wall that split open when the show started.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I think his point is that there is very little violent crime in Europe. That's not the case here where people in Orlando get shot every day. Sounds like youve got the chip on their shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Been to clubs all over Orlando and the State of Florida for years and I have never been pick pocketed or SHOT at. This guy goes to Moscow and is robbed and somehow the editor turn this into the US and Orlandois bad. Thats a real reach. Yes he got robbed why not leave it at that, why would you drag the US into it by stating something bad about the US to try and make Moscow look better.

And people do get shot every day in Europe, and Asia...etc...etc...

Chip, social agenda or whatever,it was uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Look at the entrance to that Club, I have seen less Bars and razor wire on prisons in Florida. Should have known somenthing was up just walking in the place.

I don't remember seeing any razor wire at downtown orlando, city walk or parliment house? lol

Anonymous said...


I am sure this group of people shot in a moscow night club a few months ago would disagree with your pick pocket theory. They should have know better than to take their Iphones in the club, they shoot people for their Iphones in Moscow as well.

Anonymous said...


Only have to go back 2 months to find a nightclub shooting in Orlando; you had to dig back nearly a year to find one in Moscow.

Anonymous said...

Wow man you totally miss the point. Editor can't say the worst that will happen to you in a Moscow club is that you may get robbed when clearly thats not the case. People do get shot in Moscow nightclubs, European nightclubs, and US nightclubs.

I could drag up article after article, heck France just had people shot at a nightclub, but thats not the point. The point is that violence happens everywhere and the Moscow artilce shows that they are not immune to nightclub shootings as well.

KingBob said...

Anon at 8:33pm, I think YOU'VE kind of missed the point. Among First-World countries, the United States has the higest violent crime rate. Most of Europe is made up of First-World countries. That was my point.

Russia is considered to be a Second-World country. But even there, the worst crime you're likely to encounter is the pick-pocket. If you encounter crime in downtown Orlando, it won't be a pick-pocket. It will be worse.

Anonymous said...

Really Bob, guy goes to Moscow gets robbed so we have to point the finger at the US. How many times have you been pick pocketed/robbed while going to what would appear to be hundreds of clubs each year? I have been reading your blog for years now and I have never heard you say you have been. I for sure know you haven't been shot for your iphone or your camera you take with you to the clubs.

So why turn around and point the finger at the very clubs you are trying to promote? Are the places you are visiting that dangerous, maybe I shouldn't be following your club suggestions.

Anonymous said...

"After much research and knowing my company had my back, I decided it was worth whatever risk was involved to venture out. This reporter laughs in the face of danger for the Save PI Blog! At Central Station gates greet you just off the main sidewalk with security cameras and a buzz required to get through the gate."

Is Thommy this apprehensive when he ventures out to City Walk, PI or Orlando? Does he have to get frisked to go in an Orlando club? Has Thommy ever been robbed or shot for his Iphone in orlando?

Obviously he hasn't been shot. Seems like a situation where you need to use some common sense with what clubs you go in.

NO matter where they are..... If the club looks like a prison your probably going to get robbed, if it looks like a hang out for thugs you might get shot.

KingBob said...

The security at Pleasure Island was (still is) top notch. The security at CityWalk is also top notch. I've never had a safety concern at either. I think we all agree with that.

Not so downtown Orlando. There have been way too many robberies, way too many shootings in downtown Orlando to not be concerned about it. I go downtown often but my eyes are wide open. There most certainly is a difference between downtown Orlando and PI/CW. And there are downtown clubs that frisk people out of necessity; I was just frisked going into a downtown club this past Saturday night.

I'm not turning this into the anti-U.S. crusade you're making this out to be. I was merely pointing out that the risk of violent crime is much higher in the U.S. than in Europe. And that's a fact, Jack.

Save Pleasure Island said...