Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PI Update: Comedy Warehouse Cast To Perform Shows!

Special treat for Comedy Warehouse fans!  On Friday, August 10th at Orlando Repertory Theater, a number of former CW cast members will be performing two CW-style Improv shows. If this interests you then you must act immediately because these will be sell-outs!  Tickets are $15 and shows are at 7pm and 9pm. A special VIP ticket for $30 includes a 5pm dinner with the CM's, attendance at a rehearsal and then the 7pm show.  The cast includes Mary Thompson Hunt, Carol Stein, Krista Miller, Philip Nolen and others.

Order your tickets now here because they are highly unlikely to be available at The Rep on the night of the show.  And since each show is Improv comedy which is dependent on audience interaction, both shows are liable to be quite different. Thanks to Blog roving reporter Thommy for this information. Comedy Warehouse lives!


ClubMaster said...

use promo code: SINGALONG for $5 off :)

ClubMaster said...

I just bought 2 tickets for both shows!! i am so excited

KingBob said...

Thanks for sharing, ClubMaster!