Friday, April 27, 2012

PI Update: What's New With Splitsville?

The newest concept art has now been posted on the construction wall outside Splitsville.   To be located in the heavily remodeled former Virgin Records Store on the West Side, the design is both futuristic and retro at the same time!  Looks great!
Dining, dancing and drinking are all featured before the requisite bowling.  There will be multiple cocktail bars and live music although we don't know whether "live music" means live bands or live DJ's!  We also don't know yet whether there will be adult-only rules later in the evening. Everyone is so looking-forward to his place opening up!  Did we mention there would be bowling?
Past peeks inside showed a distinct lack of construction activity but that is no longer the case.  One can now see construction equipment in place and some interior walls being built.  Whether they can complete everything on time for a Fall, 2012 opening remains to be seen.  Blog roving reporter Thommy, reporting from down on the Island, says that Disney has its annual "What's New, What's Next" press meeting at 9:30am this morning.  The event is where Disney reveals more details about its on-going projects.....including Splitsville and hopefully about Pleasure Island too!  We will post any announcements here on the Save Pleasure Island Blog so stay tuned.
UPDATE:  Nothing about Pleasure Island.


Ace said...

I'll guess that the delays to date were related to architectural and imagineering work being done behind-the-scenes and out of our view. It takes a lot of time to design, revise and then get the myriad final approvals to fit into a master plan for the whole area. Given how crowded the DTD and PI areas are at night, I expect that Splitsville will have no problem keeping the bowling lanes busy. Let's also hope for an announcement soon that PI clubs will be reopened too. We are all Funmeisters at heart, looking for a nighttime place once again to call "home."

strangeling said...

Yay! I am very much looking forward to Splitsville opening up. Not only because it's next door to my primary art gallery (sure to bring even more traffic by!) but also for my own personal enjoyment as a local wanting to do fun stuff at night!