Sunday, April 22, 2012

Club Reports: Touch, Bliss

Had not been to Touch Downtown in awhile so needed to see how it's doing.  The club tends to stay on the Hip Hop side but that's not the case on Saturday nights.
That's when DJ Mark Sparks (Vintage Lounge) oversees the action and he was putting out a nice string of House, Top 40 and even a medley of 90's Dance Classics.  Sparks opens for DJ Baby Anne this coming Thursday over at Vintage.
The name Touch refers to touch screen monitors located at VIP tables where patrons can order drinks.  But that feature seems not to be emphasized much anymore.
A couple of bachelorette parties taking place kept the venue from being empty.  Touch has a nice upscale feel to it but there is very little in the way of club lighting added to a standard drop ceiling.  If you're hopping around downtown it deserves an hour visit.
The best music on Saturday nights though is at Bliss Ultra Lounge.
Opening DJ's included Sebastian Paiza and resident Mickey Bono playing House and Dance.
But the reason for visiting was guest DJ Armand Pena (Nikki Beach Club, Club Space)!

There were no empty spaces!
Did I hear the greatest House set I've ever experienced?
I really think I did!
It was one great song after another that kept the jammed dance floor moving!
The mood inside was incredible!
If you ever get the opportunity to see this guy, definitely check him out!
LOL....hand-held CO2 spray-downs.
Did drop by I-Bar for a quick visit with friends.  Full but not crowded.

 If you're southbound on Orange Avenue and come across that NO RIGHT TURN sign at Central Blvd, don't do it!  OPD bicycle patrols were handing out tickets by the hundreds!


Anonymous said...

and they ONLY put that up there so the OPD could MAKE money!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the OPD wants to Chase off people from being DownTown?

KingBob said...

That sign is always turned "ON" on weekend nights but this is the first time I've ever seen it enforced.