Sunday, April 29, 2012

Club Reports: Pleasure Island, Indpendent Bar, NV Lounge, Vintage Lounge, Bliss Ultra Lounge

It's Saturday night; put the car into autopilot and it found its own way to beautiful Pleasure Island!
At Celebration Plaza's Purple Stage the DJ was playing Top 40/Dance!  Heard LMFAO, David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia songs back-to-back!
The Andre Caram Band featuring singer Drey-C drew an enthusiastic crowd.
They've been a regular feature here since the ultra-lounge concept was started after the demise of the Celebrate Tonight fiasco.
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!
Off in the distance, The Adventures Club overlooked the fun outside.
We're hoping!
From Downtown Disney to Downtown Orlando and I-Bar.
Lighting tech Ernie and DJ Dem Rok putting out 80's New Wave.  Sorry for the washout guys!
Good size crowd on the dance floor.
Bachelorette party.....last chance to get away!
Spotted:  DJ Smilin' Dan, I-Bar's Thursday night Indie jock.
First time visit to NV Lounge over on Pine Street.
DJ Taron on the boards playing a great EDM mix.
Small venue that calls itself "Orlando's living room", there's no charge to enter and sit.
The Rollins Girls chilling in the two-level venue.
Saturday nights are always fun at Vintage Lounge.
DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, EPCOT China NYE, Vixen, SkySixty) putting out Top 40/Dance!
It was so crowded in here that it was almost impossible to move about!
Everyone always a great time in here!
The Rollins Girls on Church Street.
The best dance music in Orlando on Saturday night can be found at Bliss Ultra Lounge.
DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, K5,,, Florida Beat Radio, Vain) playing Top 40/Dance earlier and more House/Dance later.
The Bliss dance floor was thoroughly packed as well!
You can listen to Mickey Bono's Seduction mix shows for free on the above-listed internet stations as well as from this link here.
The Rollins Girls everywhere!
And a good time was had by all.

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