Sunday, April 1, 2012

Club Reports: The Hen House, Slingapour's, Bliss Ultra Lounge, Eye Spy, Independent Bar

First stop on Saturday night is a visit to The Hen House, a small new bar operating with a bordello theme.
Part of the sprawling Wall Street complex, the lure of cheap girls, cheap rooms and cheap liquor is always addictive!
The interior is packed with whorehouse chic and a lot of $3 drink specials.
But the real reason to check out Wall Street is to see if Slingapour's has evolved at all.  Numerous venues within the Wall Street complex have DJ's and music but Slingapour's is really the only dance club there.
When I first visited Wall Street right after Pleasure Island closed I was disappointed that Slingapour's and everywhere else in the complex were all Hip Hop oriented.  Surely now that Top 40 is made up of mostly EDM, the music format had changed here too?  Not. It's still mostly Hip Hop, Reggae and Oldies as spun by Wall Street resident DJ Digital.
And only a handful of dancers on the large dance floor.  Sorry, but Wall Street remains on my "I just don't go there very often" list.
But the best in House and Dance on Saturday nights in Orlando can be found at Bliss Ultra Lounge.
DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, K5,, putting out an incredible dance mix!
The dance floor was jammed!
Great place for a bachelorette party!
Interesting distractions.
Some of the best speakers downtown give the music a deep sound and the nonstop music makes it a great choice.  "Ven I came to Orlando and I saw people partying, I tot to myself Vat da fuck!  Viva la fiesta, viva la noche, viva los DJ's!"
Hidden behind I-Bar, Eye Spy is as unique as they come in Orlando!
No change in the main room as the DJ was spinning Hip Hop.
It's unique because it's "open air".  And on a nice March evening it's quite pleasant.  On a nice August evening, not so much.
But I'd heard a rumor that there's a secret room somewhere inside where a DJ is playing EDM.  It took some searching but I found it behind double doors.  And he really was!
It's small and it's smoky but the dance floor was full of people moving to the Progressive House beat!
Final stop of course is Endent Bar.
DJ Dem Rok (aka DJ Rob) was in the booth playing 80's New Wave.
The dance floor was typically Saturday night full.
When visiting you should always wear your favorite color, as long as your favorite color is black!  Nice scenery can always be found at I-Bar!


Anonymous said...

I luv girls in black!

KingBob said...

Me too.