Sunday, January 8, 2012

Club Reports: Suite B Lounge, Bliss Ultra Lounge, The Beacham, Independent Bar

It had been 5 weeks since I was downtown on a Saturday night! Time to get back into my routine. First top Suite B Lounge, a place you can always count on for EDM all nights of the week.

When I came in DJ U4-E-Ahh (left) had just finished his set of mostly Progressive House.
And Jacksonville-based DJ Dan D'Mantra stepped-up to take over.
His House and Progressive set was an excellent mix of music that had the then limited number of patrons up and dancing.  When I asked about one of the songs he played, he handed me the CD to keep!
DJ Brad Clark took over next as he continued the vibe of the night. Would not get to see the star of the night, Tampa's DJ Rob Analyze as it was time for movin' on! Many of these guys will be playing at the upcoming Ocala Dance Festival.
Spotted: DJ Andy Hughes (Electric Daisy Carnival-Orlando), enjoying the music mix!
Over to Bliss Ultra Lounge for the best music mix in Orlando on Saturday nights!
Because on Saturday nights it's DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, K5,, putting out Top 40/Dance and House.
The club was thoroughly jammed with an all-hit format of Dance songs you'd recognize.
Difficult to move around in there!
Meanwhile the shooter girl was getting into the music and literally dancing her way through the masses!
They no longer offer the $1 drinks until midnight but $3 wells ain't too shabby either.
The Bliss go-go girls were dancing up on the bar Coyote Ugly-style!
Haven't been back to The Beacham in several weeks so had to check out their Swirl Saturday Night!
The night belongs to DJ Richie Rich (House of Blues) as well as Shelly from 102JAMZ.
The Saturday night format is mostly Hip Hop and Rap but some Top 40/Dance gets mixed in too. Richie will be spinning House and Dance on Sunday, January 29th at HOB!
Shelly JAMZ!
You can count on The Beacham to always be jammed on Saturdays!
New year, new sign?  Not yet.
DJ Dem Rok putting out 80's New Wave at Independent Bar.
These pictures were taken a bit later in the evening when it had already started to thin-out a bit.
But it had been a full house in here as well.
And one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!!

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