Sunday, January 1, 2012

Club Report: EPCOT Italy

Lots of New Years Eve party pictures posted today from around the world....Disney World!  First stop Italy at EPCOT Center!

And Italy on NYE of course means DJ Mark Sanchez!

The music is 100% House and Progressive House including some current Top 40/Dance songs amid a lighting and sound system Disney must keep in storage the rest of the year but belongs in a dance club!

Lasers stream across the sky as the Italian piazza was jammed with dancers!

And it was one incredible song after another all night long!
And the crowd was going absolutely crazy!

Mannequins Dance Palace people!

Some nearby party people!

Come on Mark, do we need to wait another year to hear more of this? We need you playing some downtown clubs!
No Hip Hop in this mix; the peeps want Techno!
Like I said, jammed!
The events at EPCOT come to a temporary halt around 11:43pm for Illuminations, a show I personally have no use for. But the crowd came back after the new year rang in and the party continued to about 1am. 240-minute waits for Soarin' be damned, EPCOT is the place to be on New Years Eve!


Anonymous said...

I was there too. Great show.

KingBob said...

For sure! Rumor has it that Mark Sanchez may be the guest DJ at Club V for their Rock the Boat night in February or March. Club V is located onboard the Victory Casino Cruises ship sailing from Port Canaveral.