Friday, December 16, 2011

PI Update: Island Tour

(CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE ALL PHOTOS) It recently occurred to me that many of the Pleasure Island pictures here on the Blog are club-focused and often do not show the other aspects of life on the Island. You may live across country or across the globe and don't have the luxury of exploring PI as often as I get to. Even most locals have better things to do with their lives than apparently I do! So today's article will wander the streets of PI and just take a look around. We begin in front of the Number 2 Bridge looking at one of the two main ticket booths which still greet visitors. Crossing the bridge takes us to imposing Mannequins, revolving dance floor intact awaiting another turn!

Moving further along, we come to The Hub and the now permanent construction wall where The Hub Stage and Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion used to stand. The latter met the wrecking ball this past January. Directly opposite is PI Live Bar which is still in business. Ironically, the iron tower behind it now sports the Apricot Lane store sign. You'll recall two years ago when the PI Live DJ booth and the lighting bridge were demolished they realized the iron tower couldn't come down too because Harley Davidson had their sign hanging from it. I guess it's going to remain up until they decide what to do with the Island!

Heading up Hill Street we pass Paradiso 37 on the right, the only new thing that has opened on Pleasure Island in the 3.25 years since the clubs closed. The building used to house Avigators Supply, Missing Link Sausage Company, DTV and a number of other shops over the years. And at the top of the hill is none other than the Adventurers Club, becoming covered quicker than a Cambodian jungle.

8TRAX remains along the left side of the street. Beside it are the stairs that so many times was home to dozens of people waiting in line to get inside the downstairs entrance doors!

Adjacent is Soundstage Club, the only remaining club building that still has a logo sign up! (Likewise in the Downtown Disney Guidemap, it's the only club with a logo.)

Finally, a look across the West End Plaza (formerly Celebration Plaza) to Comedy Warehouse and a look at the newer Number 1 Bridge from Marketplace.


Anonymous said...

What a Bold New Vision it all is!
Way to go, Disney!

KingBob said...

Nothing bold and new, two mis-starts. Let's hope we hear something soon.