Friday, December 2, 2011

Club Reports: Retro Room, Atlantic Dance Hall

Checking things out on a chilly Thursday night in Orlando.  Return visit to new venue Retro Room located along US192 in the Four Corners area near US27.
DJ Pete (8TRAX, Motion, WPYO 95.3Party, Pat O'Brien's, The Groove) was on the boards last night playing 70's Disco during my visit. The club uses several DJ's but only Pete has that connection back to Pleasure Island!

One of the club's owners said they had about 250 patrons last Saturday night!  Last night only had about 15 people in there with no one dancing.  Their grand opening will be on Saturday, December 17th which the Blog will try to cover! UPDATE: DJ Pete will be doing Th-F-Sa nights for at least the next three weeks including for the grand opening on 17DEC!!
They continue to add new features to the club such as new lounge furniture and the ability to text messages to other patrons which will post on their television monitors. Pictured above, a game where patrons can choose a lighted disk on the bar as theirs and the computer than flashes all the lights and the patron with the disk that flashes the winning color at the end gets a free drink!  Definitely embracing the latest in technology.
Then on to Disney's Boardwalk Resort.....
..... and Atlantic Dance Hall, the only Disney-operated dance club remaining since PI closed.
DJ Tony B (The Groove, Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, PI Live) was playing requests from the spartan crowd. I think there were more people in Retro Room than in ADH.
Some 80's New Wave for this bachelorette party group was ordered.  ADH totally depends on whether there are convention groups at the adjoining Swan & Dolphin hotels and apparently last night that was not the case!  DJ Tony B reports that DJ Tony Z will be returning for this year's New Years Eve party at the Dance Hall.  That's always the year's most jammed event at ADH.


Brian said...

what about RIX ON Disney property? or what ever it is called?

KingBob said...

Rix is still there. I last reviewed it in my October 7th article.

zulemara said...

I was thinking of checking out retro room this Saturday

KingBob said...

Be sure to let us know how it was. And be sure to tell club management that you heard about it on the Save Pleasure Island Blog!