Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PI Update: Idle On The Island

A little rain has passed through the area as the American Thanksgiving holiday arrives but what better place to avoid getting wet than the expanded shopping options at Downtown Disney and beautiful Pleasure Island.
Will a Mannequins Dance Palace or similar ever return here? Or a Silk Road?  Or an IHOP? The building stands ready to welcome us back as a profit-producing something!

At Soundstage Club (formerly BET Soundstage Club, formerly Neon Armadillo) an extra layer of planters have been added to keep people away from peering inside.  Interestingly, we know that all the Pleasure Island historical plaques were recently taken down....but one remains posted....apparently overlooked!

Over at the Adventurers Club fast-growing tall bamboo will soon make the building invisible.

8TRAX (formerly Cage, formerly Videopolis East) stands willing and ready; new lighting and sound equipment could have this place up and running within a few weeks of a green light.  So why not?

Downstairs at 8TRAX. Lots of great memories of long lines stretching from here up the Lombard Street stairs, all waiting to give Disney their money for the fun inside! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

First of all Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the heads up.
If Mannequines,8Trax and, SoundStage are ready for partying and dancing what are you people waiting for, opening them for the New Year so everyone can party.
P.S. Surprise everyone, and let P.I Rock !!

Brian said...

that is just SAD ;(

Ryan F said...

I'll always miss the island how it was in the 90s. But Disney is a different place now. Large entertainment cuts took place sharply everywhere in the company almost 10 years back, never to return. You need to think more greedy (like Disney) to understand why these establishments will never open again. Opening a club in Disney again would take nothing less than moving mountains of red tape and bureaucracy. Plus, it's never been farther from their core demo. If you think about it, its almost a miracle they existed at all. I'm glad we all got to be a part of it while it lasted. At least we can stare at them a little longer until they finally become the next money printing theme restaurant like T-Rex.