Monday, November 21, 2011

AAHZ Reunion This Wednesday Night!

Arguably Orlando's greatest EDM club night ever was called AAHZ and it took place in the 90's at The Beacham Theater downtown. This Wednesday night you can return to AAHZ as original DJ's Kimball Collins, Dave Cannalte and Chris Fortier return to the turntables for the 3rd annual AAHZ Reunion! Relive the days of Rave at The Beacham where recently completed renovations have brought in an awesome new sound and light system. And I've always run into lots of Mannequins people at this event!

Here's photos from last year's event; yours truly appears at least twice in this montage for those that know me. Hope to see many of you out there again on Wednesday night/Thanksgiving Eve! Click link here: AAHZ ENCORE 2010


Anonymous said...

Bob, just what are you pinching, lol!

KingBob said...

I'm innocent!