Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Weekend in Techno Town

WHEN: Tonight (Thursday)
WHERE: Bliss Ultra Lounge
WHAT: NEON PARTY with DJ's West & Amo
House, Electro, Dubstep & Top 40

WHEN: Friday night at Midnight
WHERE: Backbooth
WHAT: DJ Adam Wright & Footloose 80's
80's Video Classics
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: Club CityWalk (plaza outside Pat O'Briens)
WHAT: DJ Smooth
Top 40 & Dance hits

WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Bliss Ultra Lounge
WHAT: DJ Mickey Bono
House & Dance


Anonymous said...

I just read online at that Disney just
Filed building permits for PI. You may already be aware
But thought I'd give a heads up

KingBob said...

See article above....but thank you!