Monday, August 8, 2011

CW Update: Mini Golf Progress

Blog reader Mad Man Ray has forwarded to us photos of the construction zone in CityWalk where the new Miniature Golf course is going in. Appears there is going to be a buildings down there in the middle of it. I frankly can't figure out how they're going to squeeze two separate courses in there.
A different perspective from the CityWalk overpass. Thanks Ray for continuing to keep readers informed!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that one of the buildings will be the entrance/exit, that will hold the clubs, balls, etc. It's interesting to see it coming together. Wasn't it said that the courses would go "under" the walkway also? If that's true, I could see them getting 36 holes in there. If not, I agree, Where are they going to put them all?

Anonymous said...

Yes, mimi golf will be going under the walkway also. There is room on the other side bewteen the walkways and Universal Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Might be multiple-levels too (mountains?) with one of the holes on top of that building too.