Monday, June 13, 2011

DJ Calvin Harris: Bounce

A couple people mentioned to me that I missed out on an awesome performance by DJ Calvin Harris (GB) during the recent Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando. I'm was not familiar with him but I'm quickly learning that his song Bounce (ft. Kelis) is tearing up clubs in Europe and has made the jump to the United States! I believe you would call this Electro-House and it reminds me of video game music. Enjoy.


Dj Smooth said...

Calvin Harris has been around for years doing the traditional remix thing for other artists.

it's the same path; remix -> production/release your own music -> touring.

it's how they all get to that stage of their career.

KingBob said...

Have you ever done any DJ Smooth remixes of top songs?

Dj Smooth said...

nope..and you won't ever see any either. ;)

I'm smart enough to know not to try because it's not my thing. Just a general statement here but you have WAY too many "artists" and "remixers" putting originals out or remixes out that just plain suck and should have never seen the light of day.

Just my opinion. :)

Because the traditional mediums of delivery (CD and Vinyl) are gone, there is not cost/barrier to putting out sh*tty remixes or originals. Back in the day, you would have to spend real money (thousands of dollars) to "put out a track/remix". That filter was vital because it meant that you would reject the crap and not spend the money on it.

Now, all the crap just flows freely and it clogs up the dance music world. I have to swim through countless crap songs/remixes to get to stuff that meets my level of quality to be added to my library.

Again, just my opinion but I've been doing this a LONG time. ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap is that song bad ! I sure hope the only clubs in Europe that its taking by storm are teeny bopper clubs b/c even Disney channel would reject that over here.

DJS knows what he's talking 'bout. Good old fashioned production costs (money filter) did more good than harm. Even the record pools of the 70's/80's used to have standards :-)

KingBob said...

>Now, all the crap just flows freely and it clogs up the dance music world.

Interesting observation. Had not thought of that before.

>Holy crap is that song bad !

I don't know; I think it's kind of catchy! Bounce.

Dj Smooth said...

Can't tell ya how many times I hear something and think, wtf were they thinkin?

KingBob said...