Sunday, June 26, 2011

Club Reports: Stigma, Touch, Bar 1, Bliss, The Beacham, Suite B

Good to be back in Orlando on a Saturday night after trips to Ocala and Toronto. First stop Stigma.

DJ Kleon Time playing House, Top 40 and some Hip Hop at this Orange Avenue venue.

Very unique place! This is the club with numerous stripper poles for the ladies to work on their moves.

It's also the only club in town where you can dance (or whatever) in a cage. Not pictured, but it's also the only club in town where you can get a tattoo while you party. Beer and wine only though.

I've reported previously on new club Touch over on Church Street. I did not go in this time but wanted to point out their new feature.
They've taken over the "overpass" that passes over Church Street and are calling it Touch Bridge. I've got to check out the entire club again as I've not been since they first opened. I know the term "touch" refers to the screens at each table from which you can order drinks.

Bar 1 is a brand new club that just opened at the corner of Orange & Central.
I passed on paying the $15 cover charge (which included all you can drink) so will also check this place out sometime in the future. The DJ-driven music was of the Top 40 variety. Thus, while the place is new, it does not appear to be very imaginative.
Bliss Ultra Lounge was running a "Music For Life" night instead of the usual "Saturday Night Live".
The music talent included DJ's ATM, 4Head and Cheyenne M.

The club was really jammed for the Progressive House music being played.

They had some go-go girls up in the balcony area. Hadn't seen that in a year or more.

Spotted: DJ Chad Andrew (Senso). Will have an article about the Electronic Music Cruise and Groove Cruise in the near future.

Surprising amount of music with vocals. Fun time and drinks from the dollar menu until midnight!

Always a long line to get into The Beacham (formerly Tabu) on Saturday nights.

DJ Richie Rich (House of Blues) and his MC up on the stage!

The music is Hip Hop, Old School, Top 40 and Top 40 House.

It really is difficult to navigate around in there because it's soooo crowded!

You can always count on Suite B Lounge to deliver electronic dance music any night of the week. You just don't know what kind of EDM you're going to get.
Last night it was the good variety of EDM as DJ's Norbey D, Cygni and Yamil Lugo were on the boards.

Nice-sized crowd on hand in this little club that consistently delivers good times!

Downtown Orlando options continue to grow; it takes both hands to count all the new clubs that have opened in just the past year. I think a lot of it has to do with Amway Center being built in the core; the new performing arts center which is also now under construction near City Hall will add even more vibrancy once it is completed. This is money WDW used to want to keep to themselves.


Anonymous said...

wish they'd stop playing around with Saturday Nights at Bliss..

Anonymous said...

stripper poles. what will they think of next.

KingBob said...

Smooth, I agree. Saturday nights are already successful so I don't understand why they don't try to improve some of their other nights.

Anon, they already thought of it. The cage!

Anonymous said...

I miss "The Cage"...

Anonymous said...

Lol. I hear you can also get tased and roofed at that club with the stripper poles and tattoo's.. stay away!

Anonymous said...

Screw Bar 1....The bartenders are rude, and try to pass off seltzer water as Grey Goose and Sprite. I got charged $18 for two drinks, and one was nothing but seltzer. I tried to tell the "bitch" bartender, and she looked at me like I was crazy. She then walked away. I will NEVER spend another dollar in there. If you don't like your job as a bartender, go find another job. F Bar 1! (Just a little pissed off...sorry)