Saturday, June 18, 2011

Club Reports: Se7en, Dragonfly (Niagara Falls)

KingBob on the road again. Visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario. First club to check out was called Club Se7en, located up the hill just two blocks from the falls.
DJ Stefan and Bojan were playing European House music in a variety of languages to start off the night. Good stuff but nothing I recognized. Later in the evening they were going to celebrate some sort of Serbian festival and the music was to switch from House to Serbian folk music. I was gone before that happened!
A crowd actually was beginning to build but the C$15 cover charge was steep. Excellent sound system and lasers all over the place. Definitely a cool option on a non-ethnic festival night.
Props to this mannequin that was slowly spinning from the ceiling!
Located in the Niagara Fallsview Casino complex, Dragonfly Nightclub is an awesome upscale dance club also located just a few blocks from the falls.
DJ Nick Picholas (left) from Buffalo's KISS 98.5/WKSE was broadcasting live from the club. Interestingly, they promote the club but don't broadcast the club's music feed because of the risk of something bad being broadcast out onto the airwaves. Instead, they broadcast prerecorded Dance sets from DJ Smooth (Red Coconut Club, Bliss, The Groove,, Florida Beat Radio) who was attending with his wife.
The club's Friday or Saturday night DJ is an institution in the Toronto/Niagara region; DJ Mista Jiggz!

And the club was packed wall-to-wall. The music close to 100% House/Dance and Top 40. If there was any Hip Hop in there, I must have missed it. But this is Canada, not America.
The crowd was a mixture of Niagara Falls tourists and Canadian locals and since the drinking age in Ontario is 19, I'm sure there were several Americans from over the border too!
Dragonfly has this awesome light ceiling above the large dance floor that flashes in an array of colours....
....and patterns. Not quite the light wall at Mannequins....but close. They also have lasers shooting all over the place. So if you're ever visiting the Niagara frontier, be sure to go partying at Dragonfly! Thinking about the club options we currently have open in Orlando, this is likely better than anything we got!


Belle said...

Never thought I would see Dragonfly on the PI blog! This is the home of Bachelorettes for me. :)

KingBob said...

Hi Belle! Not sure what "home of the Bachelorettes" means but it sounds intriguing. Dragonfly was a very cool place. If you read this, please give readers a few of your club recommendations for Toronto.

Belle said...

Heya KingBob, Bachelorette Parties!

Koolhaus/Guvernment is of course at the top of almost everyone's list especially for attracting big names and I see you visited there, but check out This is London as well - it is AMAZING. I would say Mansion and Muzik as well for dance.

For live music of the non-dance variety, check out Mod Club, Lee's Palace, The Horseshoe and the Phoenix (although I only include the Phoenix on this list for nostalgic reasons).

Best theater style concert venue in Toronto is Massey Hall, hands down.

KingBob said...

Belle, thanks so much for your club recommendations for Toronto. Next trip I'll try to stay longer than just 1-night!

Hope you find some Orlando fun during your trip down here.