Friday, June 3, 2011

Club Report: Parliament House (PI @ PH Night)

Blog roving reporters William and Thommy were at Parliament House last night for their annual PI @ PH event which kicks off Gay Days 2011 in Orlando.
In the dance club, there were these strange human-looking forms hanging upside down in various places. I guess you could call these things......mannequins?
Laser lights streaming all over the inside moving to the beat of great dance music brought memories of one of the clubs that used to operate on Pleasure Island. Was it......Mannequins?
The comedy show starring multiple veterans from PI's Comedy Warehouse was popular. I recognize Mark on the far left. Is that Lisa next to him? I can't make out the other faces. I guess I need to try once again to put together a Mannequins reunion!


DamnMouse72 said...

The pictures just make me miss Mannequins and PI that much more... :-( Looks like it was a great time, sorry I missed it... Damn Mouse!

Anonymous said...

Mary Thompson-Hunt and Carol Stein were part of the Comedy show.

Bill said...

I'd love a Mannequins reunion (not that I ever knew anybody, but still.)

Every time there's been an attempt though, it seems to come at the worst possible time for me, sigh.

KingBob said...

There have been several PI reunions at ADH but not a reunion just for Mannequins. Since one is not scheduled yet, don't think you need to worry about it being at a bad time.

Some of the Comedy Warehouse staff attended the 1-year anniversary cast "reunion" that was held on Pleasure Island. That article can be found at:

DamnMouse, yeah, looks like they did a nice job replicating the feel of Mannequins, w/o the revolving floor of course.