Sunday, June 19, 2011

Club Report: Koolhaus (DJ David Guetta/Toronto)

ARTICLE UPDATED Saturday night, downtown Toronto! Visit to the Koolhaus, the concert facility that is part of the world-famous The Guvernment nightclub complex! DJ David Guetta tonight!!
Resident DJ's Manzone & Strong (CDN) opened the evening as people poured in. They played pretty pure Progressive House and most of their music was non-vocal. But they got the crowd bouncing early.
And then DJ's Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN) came on and really kicked things up a notch!  They switched the music to nearly all vocal House and recognizable top songs that you'd know from radio or dance clubs! They were singing the songs and moving like everyone else. You could tell they were excited to be there.
There was a 15-minute segment by sizzling singer Nadia Ali (USA)  who sang a few well-known dance songs such as iiO's hit from 2001, Rapture. Remember, she was the female half of iiO. Her current hit Call My Name was produced by Sultan & Ned Shepard.
Then the man that everyone paid to see.....DJ David Guetta (F). He played 2+ hours of music that included so many of his top hits from the past couple years.
I think his current song Where Them Girls At got the biggest roar of everything played.

The club was pretty jammed. And yes, even the #2 club in North America has....a shiny disco ball!
Canadian girls are crazy! I was surrounded by dozens of them and my ears are still ringing!
Really cool light wall behind the DJ booth as he played the song he produced for Kelly Rowland, When Love Takes Over. While Guetta had had a number of hits before this such as Just A Little More Love and The World Is Mine, he was really catapulted to the A-List with this 2009 song that fused Hip Hop and Dance elements and for which he won a Grammy. Awesome show and let's hope he makes up for that show he canceled last summer in Orlando because of the Grammy Awards.


Anonymous said...

Wow, more shiny disco balls! Way to go Bob!! Loved that you got to see Guetta, he's amazing live!!

Anonymous said...

This is London is a pretty good club in Toronto but the girls are a bit stuck up in there. They werent like that on Pleasure Island :(

Anonymous said...

Those robots were also at Ultra this year.

Belle said...

Ahh home sweet home for me! Hope you enjoyed your stay in my neighbourhood.

KingBob said...

Anon at 1:10pm, Guetta was GREAT. Hope he gets booked into Orlando soon. JeffHTG, are you listening?

Anon at 3:36pm, I saw an ad for This Is London. Too many clubs, so little time!

Anon at 9:54pm, the robots were really impressive!

Belle, Toronto is a great place! Of course I used to think that about Vancouver too.....hmmm. You should have come out to the show!