Friday, June 17, 2011

Club Report: 80's Night at The Groove

Had not been out to 80's Night at The Groove in awhile so that was on my agenda for last night. DJ Scott King (Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club) on the boards and even on the stage directing.....
.....the Electric Slide. Is that from the 80's? I guess it is!
Decent-sized crowd on hand and I expect larger crowds as the summer tourist season starts to pick up.
Yes, that's one of the Bee Gee's. DJ King continues to add some 70's Disco selections to the 80's mix which makes the place sound more and more like 8TRAX. No one leaves the dance floor! Don't miss the fun of 80's Night at The Groove every Thursday night!
Meanwhile, while Pleasure Island adds grass and mulch, CityWalk taketh away. Construction of the new dual miniature golf coures is underway!

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