Monday, May 9, 2011

PI Update: You Want Mannequins Back? Make Yourself Heard!!

I have been to several of the top clubs in the world and let me tell you, none of them compare to Mannequins. The creativity that is Disney far outshines anything anywhere. You want Mannequins back, or whatever it might be called if a 3rd party operator reopens the place? Then you've got to make yourself heard again. As one of the "in the know" commenters posted last week, we're very close to some final decisions as to whether Disney is going to allow such a thing to happen. And while this article purposely focuses on Mannequins, this applies equally to AC, CW and 8TRAX!

The Save Pleasure Island Blog kicked off in mid-2008 with a letter-writing campaign to Disney officials. It didn't work and PI was closed anyway. Of course there was only about 30 of you reading the Blog back then. Last year we initiated another letter-writing campaign to Tom Staggs, hoping to get him to revisit the whole PI situation like he did with FLE. We don't really know the impact of your actions but we are here today with this huge rumor that Disney may allow 3rd parties to reopen the clubs!

So I implore each of you to take a moment and click on one or more of the email addresses below that someone has provided to us and try one more time! Tell Disney executives that you want Mannequins back, you want 8TRAX back, you want Comedy Warehouse back want Adventurers Club back! Be positive, and be professional. We need PI fans worldwide to write in; this truly is our last chance!

Executive E-mail Addresses:

Bob Iger, President& CEO, Walt Disney Company

Keith Bradford, Vice President, Downtown Disney

John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney/Pixar, Principal Creative Advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering

Meg Crofton, President Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas O Staggs, Chairman Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Al Weiss, President Worldwide Operations - Disney Parks and Resorts

Kris Piser, DTD Finance Manager

Walt Disney World Guest Communications

24 comments: said...

Fellow readers, KingBob put the "BatLight" out into the night time sky, LET's RESPOND!!

Anonymous said...

{for me}
I love this Blog and I loved PI and I love your postings!
BUT I am still pissed @ Disney and all ways will be! I just can't bring myself to give my Money to Disney and or any 3rd party that pays rent to Disney.

I am sorry but this will happen again! if and club opens Disney has the power to close it! then what?
I know that there are (as of today) 41,744 from Florida that have viewed your site. that doesn't mean they will show up every week or every other week or once a month!
where were they at before PI closed? if any are going to say "I will go if a club reopens"

to ME this would be a huge slap in the face.... just so Disney can sit back and laugh at you! $$$$$$

I hope that some of maybe all will post there Opinions.

you don't want me to send Disney what I think I would tell them to NOT let this happen!
good day!

Anonymous said...

ok sorry about the double post....

Anonymous said...

I sent my emails!

Anonymous said...

Keith Bradford
VP, Downtown Disney

KingBob said...

Thanks. I've moved Mr. Bradford's email to the main article.

DamnMouse72 said...

Anon 9:53, I understand where you are coming from, and I am pissed at Disney also, but, I would love for them to reopen (even as a third party) the clubs. I said the same thing, I would never give Disney another chance, but, in reality...I would. By someone else opening the clubs back up, I think it would be a slap in the face to Disney, AND, I would hope they do it even better! As far as them having the power to close them again, nobody would dump money into them without having a time set lease. Go third parties, go! Bob, my emails and letters have been sent! Come on Pleasure Island.... Lets do it again!

Anonymous said...

I believe you have Mr. Iger's position wrong.

From Wikipedia:
Robert A. "Bob" Iger (born February 10, 1951) is the president and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company.

KingBob said...

You're right. The original list source is dated. Title updated. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

leave it shut down. ispent toooo much money over the almost twenty years. there is no hope for survival on that property. go ahead and flame me for my side of opinion. that whole concept out there at pi is dead. if it opened it would flop fast. believe me NOTHING IS HAPPENING OUT THERE AT PI. its done and a frustration for disney right now

Anonymous said...

I don't know why someone comes onto a "Save Pleasure Island" blog and leaves a message like the one above. I think we have proven time and time again that Disney is in need of nightlife and Pleasure Island part two is exactly what is called for, and yes, there is something happening out there, just keep those e-mails and letters flooding their offices!


Anonymous said...

First of all I agree with that one.
I definately agree with
Down Town Disney needing nightlife, and the clubs reopened.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why someone comes onto a "Save Pleasure Island" blog and leaves a message"
I think (like i do) they want to see what is going on in orlando. and would like to read the FUNNY comments that are posted on here! and love that a lot think Disney Might reopen anything? and love the fact some think Disney has plans!
and I think it is funny that with all most 42,000 FROM florida look at this site (or have looked at) these same people are mad and or want PI to reopen (and yes I will ASK again) why didn't you support PI before it closed??
and THINK ( not to put words in others months ) most will NOT keep coming back! if reopened!
does this help? Anonymous @10:30 pm and 10:43 pm?

Anonymous said...

(Disney help?)not fact)
NO Disney will NOT feel the slap in the face we will!
they don't want our money! that is what I "read" into it?
sure I will go and see a club IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF Disney lets a 3rd party pen a club but WILL NOT keep on going! and I think a 3rd party knows this I hope! I know if i had the money and or could get people to open a club I would be way OFF OF Disney property!

Anonymous said...

it would never meet an avid pi visitors expectations if it reopened. no one could take it up a level from what it was...especially manequins

Anonymous said...

disney has too many hoops you have to jump through, that at times they cant jump through. the economy is not healthy enough for the majority to make such a risky business decision

KingBob said...

To the Anon at 8:45pm who stated "NOTHING IS HAPPENING OUT THERE AT PI." I'm reminded of the person last fall who insisted there was no money in the budget for any demolitions and that nothing was going to be happening at PI. That differed radically from other PI sources who were telling the Blog demolitions were imminent. We didn't know who to believe until the demolition walls were put up around RRBC and Motion one night.

So for now we have the rumors of Hyperion Wharf on full speed ahead with 5 new restaurants coming, we have the rumors of 3rd parties being able to reopen buildings as clubs (perhaps with restaurants) and we have the rumor (including your statement) that nothing is going to be happening at PI anytime soon. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Universal is kicking Disney's a$$ with nightlife. It is totally embarassing to Disney and I just can't believe that they are sitting back and letting this happen. Why do all the Disney "Big Wigs" earn all thet big money when they have run Downtown Disney into the ground?? V-A-R-I-E-T-Y is the name of the game. Universal gets it, Disney does not!

Anonymous said...

Very god point Bob!!
and this should tell you! we will know nothing til it happens! and that IS Disney for you! it's been said before nothing is true til it's done!

zulemara said...

I sent my email to all execs and didn't mention AC at all. We'll see if they come back with an AC form letter like everyone else seems to get.

zulemara said...

Dear Mr. ...,

Thank you for your email to Meg Crofton about the Walt Disney World Resort. Your correspondence was forwarded to me so that I may personally respond to you.

Although we understand your disappointment with the closing of the clubs on Downtown Disney Pleasure Island, please know a tremendous amount of thought went into the decision to bring the bold new vision for Downtown Disney Area to life. Taking the Downtown Disney Area experience to the next level is consistent with our commitment to provide our Guests with new, exciting and one-of-a-kind experiences. As we look to the future, we are excited about the evolution that will occur, introducing a brand new mix of shopping, dining and other experiences for our Guests' enjoyment at Hyperion Wharf.

Our Guests' feedback, as well as their continued enthusiasm for our products and services, are very important to us. We genuinely appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us.


Ana Brady

Guest Services

KingBob said...

Zule, you got the dreaded Ana Brady form letter response. Isn't this the same one you got last year?

zulemara said...

sort of, except the one last year latched onto AC when I didn't mention anything ABOUT AC in that letter either! At least this one didn't do that. Still pathetic...they tout bold new vision of seed and mulch LOL

Joe said...

"a tremendous amount of thought went into the decision to bring the bold new vision for Downtown Disney Area to life"
Hmmm...delusional? Perhaps I'm just seeing the glass half-empty, but I've not seen much vision or life at Downtown Disney. Numerous vacant buildings, no signs of anything new other than a couple store moves.
Yes, very bold indeed.