Thursday, May 5, 2011

PI Update: Rumor Update About Clubs Reopening

This is a follow-up to last Thursday's article about the possible reopening of clubs on Pleasure Island. Since then I have scoured the internet for anything on the subject and followed up with sources to see if there were any nuggets of additional information. You'll recall that my article referenced a rumor that all club demolitions on PI have ended for now and instead the clubs were going to be made available, as is, to 3rd party vendors to reopen as night clubs. Here is a compilation of what's been learned since that post:

1) Under the reported concept of this rumor, 3rd party operators who needed it could operate under Downtown Disney's liquor license umbrella.That's an option being offered. We're told that's how Fuego/Sosa Cigars operates.
2) Previously mentioned that any clubs that reopened would have to be different (yet could be similar) from what was there before. But they would have to be great concepts to be approved.
3) Apparently DTD management is debating whether to move forward with rebuilding the island which is the more expensive path or just following the renovation path and using existing spaces. Apparently there are some interested 3rd parties who prefer the latter. Rent on renovated space comes far cheaper than rent could possibly be on new construction. (This rumor, which was heard subsequent to the rumor published last week, might actually pre-date last week's rumor and last week's rumor is fresher and more accurate. Don't know.)
4) On April 20th the Blog published a photo of construction work taking place behind Portobello. Some chatter in internet forums saying that this proved Hyperion Wharf was underway. As I stated in that article, all that is being constructed back there is a new service entrance for the restaurant. They must build a new way in and out for service workers since the side entry is being taken away. It's being taken away because the new pathway must still be built; they tore down Motion and RRBC to build that! That part of the HW concept will get completed. We could see some new shops. But the light house restaurant; very questionable per rumors. The amphitheater? Have not heard more about it. Personally, I feel it will get built once other Island decisions are made.
5) Heard a new rumor last night that allegedly comes from a construction person who told a source that after  remodeling, Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse and Mannequins were coming back. No mention of 8TRAX or Soundstage. However, thinking through what a construction worker might know, I'm assuming here that he was referring to the building names rather than the specific club names. The AC building includes Soundstage and the Mannequins building includes 8TRAX. Doesn't mean any of these clubs are coming back specifically, just the buildings may be coming back with new club names.
That's all I know for now. Again, all just rumors which we hope come true and bring Pleasure Island back to life!


DamnMouse72 said...

Thanks Bob for the great information... We can only hope...!! Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.... Just the thought of a possibility is all I need. Save Pleasure Island!

71 said...

Agreed, awesome job on this Bob.

EasyEddy said...

Anyone else get a woody reading that? Thx KB!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for, what could be, great news! Just the thought of standing on that revolving dance floor again makes me wanna scream with delight! Let's hope the "powers that be" have a change of heart and give us our Island back!!!

Anonymous said...

so far all of you make me laugh!!
still do not understand that Disney loves rumors and even they don't have a plan! they have a "plan and has to go to an upper for approval and many things happen does not and gets changed.
even if Mannequins was to reopen as new named club the floor will not move (if it is still there) no one will pay for the floor to move!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, have no clue what the heck youre talkin about.

Anonymous said...

May 5, 2011 1:27 PM
you Don't know Disney
I sure do! i have lived in Florida for many many years have been to Disney many times have heard the rumors about things to come and how they where going to be and not!

Anonymous said...

How can Disney not see what a Disneyesque plce the Adventiurers Club was. It brought so many to PI all they really needed was a 2 drink minimum.

Anonymous said...

Why would the floor not move? Everything needed besides the control electronics is still there.

Getting the floor to move again, would be the easiest thing to do.. now the main rigging system THAT might be a bit more of a challenge.
But it's doable.

The question is, would it make fiscal sense to spend 800K on new lighting, audio, rigging etc just to reopen it? Yes, if you were allowed to bring in the big draw DJ's (Wolfgang, Deadmouse, Avicci etc...)

But, if you could bring those names there.. given that HOB has the rights to be the only live music venue on property is the problem.

Look @ Beacham in downtown. They just sold it out last night with RUSKO... But would Disney allow that type of act and all the raver kiddes to come to the Island? I don't know.....

Brian said...

Disney did the raver kiddies thing years ago and it was a BIG mess!
(I went to the very first one.)
PI closed at the regular time Mannequins reopened at 2:10ish

[word of mouth] and will never do that again?
OK that is what I was told?

Anonymous said...

yawn...too funny how you all run after a tiny tidbit of rumor. i come to this to get the best laughs.....disney has way to many hurdles to have an outsider open those old sites...keep me laughing

m said...

So what is it? Your yawning or your laughing? We are all laughing at how pathetic your entertainment is.

KingBob said...

I would not call DJ-driven music "live music". And clearly, HOB co-existed with RRBC which did have live music as did the West End Stage. So I'm not aware of anything in HOB's contract that prevents live music elsewhere.

Joe said...

...and don't forget all that great live Entertainment (including live music) at the West End Plaza "stages".

Anonymous said...

First of all thanks for the info Bob.
Hopefully this will bring back the opening of the clubs.
All the bright lights that used to be at P.I. , and all the nightlife.

Anonymous said...

Let's think about putting live music back out on stages.

Anonymous said...

PI has live music on stages right now.