Sunday, May 15, 2011

Club Reports: Vintage, Mako's, Suite B & Independent Bar

Lots of people wandering around downtown Orlando last night. Heat was crowded, Touch was more crowded and Bliss had a long line out the door. But one of my favorite places, Vintage, was a bit on the empty side.
DJ Dominic Morrison (Mannequins, EPCOT China NYE, Vixen) at the controls playing a mix of House and Top 40 videos.
The VIP areas have been raised off floor level and new lighting added throughout the club. This is a nice addition as it separates VIP from what can be the dance floor.
First visit to Mako's in several years.
The DJ booth is high up on the far side of the club so I did not get to meet whoever this guy is.
The small dance floor and Hip Hop format reminded me why I had not been there in a several years!
This is the best I could do to locate a sign for Suite B Lounge.
And what are the odds! DJ Agni who I had just met for the first time on Friday night at Bikkuri was pumping out pure House, Progressive and Trance to the relative small crowd on hand.
There were some dancers on the floor bouncing to the music.....
.....under the shiny disco ball!
Pole dancers trying to maintain a low profile.
DJ MXM (Flashback-Savannah, Monkey Business-Hilton Head) came on shortly after midnight and continued the awesome format mixing songs that I recognized with some that I did not.
At Suite B you can dance pretty much anywhere.
And then it was over to Independent Bar to cap off the night.
DJ Indie John was back in controls on this Saturday night.
Good crowd on hand for early to mid-80's New Wave/Old Wave.
Numerous monitors display the old MTV/VH1 videos.
And the patrons are always a mix of all walks of life.


Joe said...

I wonder if Suite B just updates the Post-It notes every year. Classy.
They also have a sophisticated lighting system with extension cords and plug strips on the ceiling. It's not Mannequins, but I guess it works.

Anonymous said...

oh YAY more OUT OF date disco balls! cheap balls

KingBob said...

Joe, Suite B is so unpretentious that it's cool. It's all about the music. You don't have to dress up, there are no $150 bottles of liquor and there are no bouncers in suits.

Anon, appears that ALL the clubs have shiny disco balls!

Joe said...

Unpretentious is good.

Dj Smooth said...

I've never understood Makos. Back years ago in Buckhead up in Atlanta, I worked in a club next to the Makos up there and I could never figure out exactly who/what they were trying to do or appeal too.

KingBob said...

Smooth, Mako's caters to guys and groups of guys. They have a dozen scantily clad girls in black boots out on the sidewalk that literally drag you into the club. It's a college bar atmosphere but older clientele. I don't care for the place.....except for the scantily clad girls in black boots!