Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cool Disco Floor on Air New Zealand Safety Video

Had to share this awesome Safety Video from Air New Zealand for several reasons. First of all, it features an on-board lighted dance floor that you'll find in my future 8TRAX replacement club. Second, it has the wacky humor of Richard Simmons. And finally, it features a cameo appearance by Phil Keoghan, host of about the only television show I ever watch besides news & sports, The Amazing Race. Raising money and awareness for MS, Keoghan will be in Orlando (Winter Park) this Thursday night hosting his new film The Ride. It will be shown at 7pm at Regal Cinemas at Winter Park Village. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Only you Bob, only you can find this stuff... LOL!

KingBob said...

They say that everything is linked to Pleasure Island in 5 steps or less!