Friday, May 20, 2011

Club Reports: Latin Quarter, The Groove, Red Coconut Club

Thursday night out at CityWalk at the Universal Orlando Resort. First stop Latin Quarter for DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM) and his mix of various Latin music formats and House. The club was slow early but reports say it got pretty jammed towards midnight. In addition to his Progressive House show on satellite radio, Leony plays Tuesday nights at Club 23 and Wednesday nights at Heat, both downtown! And of course Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at LQ.
New lighting fixtures on both side pillars brings some cool effects down on the dance floor.

Over at The Groove it was 80's Night with DJ "Big Daddy" King. It was a light crowd most of the night.

But here too towards midnight there were quite a few people streaming in to hear 80's classics.

I love the new vocalist performing with the Herb Williams Band at Red Coconut Club!

Between band sets and after the band finished DJ G-Clef (BET Soundstage) was up in the lighted tower spinning Top 40 and Hip Hop to a mostly female crowd.


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