Thursday, February 3, 2011

PI Update: What's New at DTD?

The construction walls around the Lily Pad area have been gone for more than a month now but one pesky fence remains over there near Raglan Road. What are they doing in there?

There you go.

Over at the West End Plaza (formerly Celebration Plaza), a band I had never seen before by the name of Moises was setting up at the Purple Stage.

Over the No. 3 Bridge to Downtown Disney West Side, we see that Ridemakerz is still occupying the former Virgin Mega Store space. You may recall that when they moved in last year there was speculation that they would only remain open through the year-end holidays. But they're still there.

The AMC Pleasure Island 24 theaters are being renamed AMC Downtown Disney 24 theaters, as shown on this sign. The entrance near Planet Hollywood is blocked during the conversion to a dine-in format in some of the theaters. Apparently they're keeping 24 theaters in there.

The new entrance is over in the northwest corner across from Virgin, er Ridemakerz.

But the most exciting thing happening in Downtown Disney is the expansion of the Lego Imagination Center in Marketplace. They're not intimidated by Legoland opening this fall!

During the expansion a temporary Lego tent is open over near the Earl of Sandwich. I love my Lego's!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Three cheers for the Lego expansion!! I hope to be first in line at the grand opening....

Joe said...

Wow...bad design.
It seems that new electric equipment juts out right into the sidewalk / path from Fulton's to Raglan.

KingBob said...

Yeah Joe, but let's not forget that any pathway that remains there is going to be more a less a side road. They want most people to follow the new main pathway which will go into what is currently the rear service areas of Raglan & Portobello and curve west via the lakefront where Motion used to stand.

Brian said...

should have built it out of LEGO'S!!!