Saturday, February 12, 2011

PI Update: Dock Removed

Included in the recent demolition at Pleasure Island is the dock that used to be alongside club Motion and just beyond Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.
Meanwhile, with demolition pretty much complete, debris removal has been the focus of workers.

Construction workers say there are no current plans to demolish the Soundstage / Adventurers Club buildings anytime soon. I guess we'll know in May which rumor is true.
This is the backstage area behind Raglan Road and Portobello. Plans show the main walkway from Downtown Disney Marketplace being routed through this area via the Lily Pad before turning west and heading towards Paradiso 37 and 8TRAX. Supposedly there will be shops lining both sides of the pathway through this area. It's not very wide though and I don't see how the restaurants will deal with waste removal.


zulemara said...

so long eagle's nest

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll know in May what happens.
I defanately hope though that
8Trax and Mannequines or maybe Adventurers Club and maybe Soundstage will reopen.
Let's have some nightlife down there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:10... I think that's what we are all hoping for... Keep our fingers crossed!!!

71 said...

I'm not entirely sure they've even thought threw "small" details like waste removal. Think of the Harley sign that held up demolition of the DJ booth for weeks.

Anonymous said...

How does Paradiso deal with their garbage removal?

KingBob said...

Zulemara, what's the story behind the "Eagle's Nest" name? Something about the Disney CEO docking there?

AC and Soundstage are not reopening in their current locations. The only hope is that someone in authority comes to their senses and reopens Comedy Warehouse AND/OR 8TRAX AND/OR Mannequins because those buildings are not slated for demolition.

71, yeah, the Harley sign never did come down and that whole metal tower remains in place to this day because they didn't anticipate what to do with the sign.

How DOES Paradiso 37 get rid of their waste? Does a truck pull in at night after 2am?

Anonymous said...

who really cares about that whole mess once called pi. the whole place is now useless trash