Sunday, February 20, 2011

Club Report: The Blue Room

High up in a far corner of The Groove, The Blue Room had its first House music night last night featuring DJ Steve Tillman (Peacock Room). The music was awesome but the crowd overall was rather limited. There was no advertising that I'm aware of (other than this Blog) so unless you knew about, it was not likely you'd know to check this out.
The small space was actually well-suited for the event; the most I counted in there at any one time was 42 people.
The bar was set up in there; the first time I've ever seen that. I asked management how success would be measured and the response was that it was not just bar sales. I pointed out that my regular bartender was downstairs so that's where my tab was and the same was true for many others.
Lots of fun groups on hand, some staying for hours and some just fueling up and moving on!
There was no designated dance floor but plenty of open space allowed people to dance wherever!
It was fun watching people come in by accident and turn around and walk right out. For some it was the music (it was not Hip Hop) but for some they thought it was a private party so they left. This bachelorette party got drinks and then went out to get that wish list fulfilled!
House music at The Blue Room will likely return later in the year during main tourist seasons. I think it was a success overall but they'll need to advertise it and put up some signs.
Over in the main part of The Groove, DJ King played the more-expected mix of Top 40, Hip Hop and Mash Ups.
Several people attended.


DamnMouse72 said...

Hey Bob! Thanks for the update...will they be doing it every week now through Spring Break, or was it a one time thing for now? Sorry I missed it...

Brian said...

HOW did it work out?

Brian said...

I have seen the Blur bar open before but no body was buying might be why it has been closed!
the last few times I was in the groove it was closed for a party!

Club Master said...

King bob find out if there doing it Saturday! And i will come.

KingBob said...

This was a one-time offering....for now. Expect them to do it again once we get into the tourist season; definitely Summer and perhaps Spring Break. I'll report on it when they're going to offer it.

Dj Smooth said...

what kind of house was he playing?

KingBob said...

Smooth, mostly vocal house; the kind of music you'd hear on RadioDanz. There were a few non-vocal songs later in the evening that I did not recognize but that was the exception.

Club Master & DamnMouse, I'll let everyone know when they're going to do it again. Hopefully over Spring Break.

Brian, I really liked it. Very cool location but needed more people. And where else nowadays can you be sitting on cushy leather sofas & chairs without paying for VIP. Just a really good vibe overall.

Brian said...

sounds cool! someday I make it out again! thanks for the INFO!