Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Look Ahead to Gay Days

The first weekend in June is always Gay Days in the Attractions areas of Orlando and the tradition continues this year. I think there's little doubt that the closure of Pleasure Island really through organizers into a loop a couple years ago because PI clubs....especially Mannequins.....were always a focus of some of the evening's activities. For the second year in a row, their host hotel is on I-Drive instead of near DTD. Looking at the official Gay Days website, there is only the basic framework of events currently posted with a lot more detail to come. If I see any impressive DJ announcements down the road, I'll post them here on the Blog.

But the promoters of Wonder World have wasted little time getting their plans out. They offer pool parties on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of the event using the Buena Vista Palace Hotel across from DTD as their host hotel. I notice that on Saturday they have DJ Manny Lehman. Some of you will recall that he was the last DJ to play at Motion for an event that was available to the general public! It was during that time period after the clubs closed but Motion was still available for rental. Even more impressive though is the Dance/House duo Freemasons (GB) playing on Sunday! (Blog roving reporter Thommy contributed to this report.)


Anonymous said...

Those Wonder World events are real Oscar Mayer franchises ..very few women :)

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KingBob said...

Yes, I think it's a guys party. The women have their own parties.