Saturday, January 29, 2011

Club Reports: Mother's & Spybar (Chicago)

Checking out some clubs Friday night in the River North section of downtown Chicago. Visited Mother's but not just any Mother's.....the Original Mother's. The booth was filled with a half dozen DJ's at times taking turns but they were all into the House and Dance which made for a good time and interesting people-watching. Never got very crowded though but my waitress said January and February are slow months.

Much more fun was Spybar which was hosting DJ Oscar G (Club Space) who ironically had just played in downtown Orlando the night before at Senso. The club, located in the basement of another club, was jammed with people dancing to his pure unadulterated House mix. It was hard to move as everyone was jammed up on each other. He says his show at Senso went really well and I can tell you his show at Spybar was awesome too!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Mothers! This brings back memories from when I used to travel to Chicago for work with my old coworkers. We'd load up on Giordano's pizza and then get tanked doing karaoke at Mother's Too. Did you also go nearby to Mothers II? Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Oscar G is one of the better DJ's in Miami if you like that kind of music.