Saturday, January 1, 2011

Club Report: EPCOT (New Years Eve)

The good news: the best dance club in Orlando is back at Walt Disney World! The bad news: it only exists one night per year....New Years Eve! WOW, what a night last night at EPCOT.
Outside the China pavilion, DJ Dominick Morrison (Mannequins, Vintage) led a huge crowd of dancers to an early mix of mostly Top 40/Dance and into a more House/Dance mix after the midnight fireworks.

Where Mannequins used to have those CO2 cannons that sprayed-down a cool fog onto the steamy dancers below, China had hot flamer throwers that shot upwards into the night sky and instantly warmed the coolness of the dance patio underneath. The dragon shooting outward from the DJ booth let out his steamy breath on a regular basis.
But action at Italy was not to be outdone as DJ Mark Sanchez put on his own incredible display of one House music hit after another to the packed piazza.  An array of laser lights made up for the lack of fire.
Come on Sanchez, you need to be playing in some O-Town clubs!

A number of Mannequins fans spotted in the crowd at Italy. (above 2 photos)
Italian girls know how to party!
Blog roving reporter Thommy (8TRAX, Atlantic Dance Hall) remembering Mannequins.


ClubMaster said...

I had a blast over at epcot, look forward till next year, Once ou experience a party at epcot, you will never want to hit a club again. I had a blast meeting king bob. Till next year! Happy New year Everyone!!

Belle said...

So much fun last night at Epcot in China and Italy! Now where can I find this vibe closer to home :(
Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I have listened to the new party and so far. HMM really? (not good)
but have found a great (so far) internet radio @
(search for spin cycle) thats if your into Mannequins!

zulemara said...

maybe I had more than I thought LOL. Awesome pic Bob!

KingBob said...

Belle, in general it would be hard to top what we just experienced at EPCOT. But DJ Dominick Morrison plays a similar mix as what you heard at China on Saturday nights at Vintage downtown. It's a small venue though. DJ Mickey Bono plays Dance music at Vain most Friday nights and Bliss most Saturday nights. See sister blog for a list of other dance clubs.

Anonymous said...

What is the ticket price and where can we buy for next year?......Ya, Disney made a HUGE mistake closing Mannequins and they know it. Dance and Techno is the way to go Disney. Reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Yes...I have to agree that the new Party 95 online is, well...not good. I was so excited to have it coming back, far, very disappointing. Sorry that I missed the NYE at Epcot... Will be there next year... If I knew we could have met King Bob, we would have been there!! Happy 2011... ~ Damn Mouse