Monday, October 11, 2010

The Vault of Walt

In this past week's edition of Orlando Weekly, writer Seth Kubersky did an article about a new book recently released called The Vault of Walt by Jim Korkis. Korkis was a guest speaker this past weekend at the Adventurers Club Reunion aka ConGaloosh 2010. Anyone into Disney history would enjoy this book, which is available at where you will find a whole lot of information about the book and author. Korkis' first job, by the way, was making balloon animals on a brand new Pleasure Island. The Orlando Weekly article talks about how Adventurers Club fans refuse to let AC die! What I find intriguing with both the article and the book is Korkis' theory about Pleasure Island. Referring to all those PI back story plaques you can still find scattered around the island, he says, "From the perspective of the bean counters , once Pleasure Island achieved its intended purpose of killing off attendance at downtown Orlando's Church Street Station, the stories behind the Adventurers Club and Pleasure Island at large became irrelevant." I think we all know that PI was Disney's attempt to capture all the money driving off Disney World every night. I think we all know how successful they were too. What none of us can understand is how upper Disney management tolerates all that money driving off property once again. Some of it downtown; but much of it to their major competitor!


Anonymous said...

I said it before and I will say it again! so read it and understand it!
Disney NEVER wanted Pleasure Island.
Michael Eisner wanted Pleasure Island! and got it!
so "you" can say whatever "you" want but that is the truth! Michael Eisner is gone this is WHY it's gone!
as much as I hate to say this! and as much as we all loved the place!

Anonymous said...

Calm dowm.
You REALLY need to take your meds.

Anonymous said...

and I should proofread before I post.

Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY, if you go back and watch Walt's EPCOT proposal film, he always had plans to include a Nightlife/Club district into his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

KingBob said...

Unfortunately, Walt died way too soon and EPCOT turned into a theme park instead of an experimental prototype community of tomorrow.