Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PI Update: Latest Rumors

Recently posted on an internet discussion group by someone named Raven who supposedly knows what is going on with Pleasure Island: PI isn't coming back and a whole new concept is on the table for the property that's more family oriented with an entirely different name. Pretty cool looking as well.  Since that description pretty much fit the so-called Plan A which we thought had been ditched, someone asked whether he was referring to Plan A or Plan B. He responded: Entertainment, shops & dining are all on the plate. Just have to wait and see now. Well this isn't very encouraging. This sounds like the original plans for the Island that found no willing takers to lease any of the venues after 2 years. So we must continue to wait? 

Elsewhere in a discussion group, someone else supposedly in the know named PKD mentioned in response to someone else mourning the death of Adventurers Club, There is a new venue on the drawing board for the island and would incorporate an area that is currently not accessible to guests or ever seen the light of day. It won't have an AC theme per say (sic), but possibly be in that time frame, give or take a decade. There are a lot of areas not accessible to guests, including all the closed clubs. But a place that has never seen the light of day? A real mystery. Perhaps a spot that is currently indoors but gets demolished?  


Anonymous said...

About the only area not seen by guests would be under the west end stage area.. But, there really isn't much there to see and frankly I don't think you'd want to go down there as a guest no matter HOW much theme they put in.

Last I heard, it's still going to be all outsourced 3rd party shops etc... if they can ever get one of the to sign a contract...

in the mean time.

Step One - Close down island.
Step Two - ????
Step There - Profit!

Anonymous said...

There's not much in the "tunnel" downstairs.

...there's a small kitchen, hallways and offices under "Hill Street".
This also allowed the Equity talent at AC to use the same "Green Room" space as CW, and be able to get to the club from a "backstage area".
Like Anon 1147pm, I don't think the space is very exciting; mostly just facility space.

Genius idea: Close all the clubs, but not have any contracts signed.
(You could argue they did; typically if there was a firm agreement they would have made a big HOOPLA about all the exciting new themed dining coming to PI)

Anon 1147, you must be a WDW executive to have come up with the great plan! :-D, to figure out what step 2 is.

Anonymous said...

Step Two - Reopen Pleasure Island whilst enjoying a heepin' helping of crow, a big ol' slice of humble pie and washing it down with a gulp of pride!

Anonymous said...

As for the first rumor, for Pleasure Island's name to change, Curl, Raglin Road and Paradiso 37 would have to close. Their contracts state that they are operating on Pleasure Island, and they payed big bucks for that distinction (even though, their businesses are now hurting with the Clubs temporarily closed) and a venue name change would be a breach of contract.

KingBob said...

Anon at 4:29am, there has been speculation on what you're saying but we don't know that as a fact. I would think the one most upset with a name change would be AMC PLEASURE ISLAND 24 Theaters, the only venue with PI in its name. A very BIG name. But it's not even on the Island. Regardless of contracts though, anything can be smoothed over with money.

Anonymous said...

you seam to forget Anon at 4:29 AM
that this is Disney and they get away with whatever they want! if they tell curl etc.... to move or go they will what will go on is Disney will offer some money for them to move if they don't want it and or take it well Disney will just say sorry but we are moving you! Disney might sat to them the building is not stable to be in and you have to GO!

71 said...

Anon 1146, I think at this point the remaining tenants have more stroke than you give them credit for. If they close down for lack of business, going to be just about impossible to find a new tenant willing to risk being the first guy back in.

As for Anon429's rumor, I've heard it before--and it seems the only logical reason for TDO to continue to pay upkeep on all the PI signage.

The most interesting part of the rumor to me was "within 10 years" of the AdvClub's time frame. A 1950's style restaurant--like a Jackrabbit Slim's or even a Johnny Rockets--might fit, if the original poster wasn't clear on the AdvClub's year. Or maybe the post-WWII "Aerobleu" concept Schussler came up with? That was the least family-friendly of their concepts, tho. A roaring 20s rip-off of Capones Dinner Show? For the first time in a while, somewhat intrigued what could be on the table.

KingBob said...

If only they would just do SOMETHING!!!!! Not a bulldozer or wrecking ball in sight.

Anonymous said...

so you think that Disney really cares about them? or you?
like i said Disney when ready they will have to go! I think Disney just doesn't want to do anything yet because it will cost a lot of money to do anything and still hope that some dumb *ss will pay to be in an old building!
Bob Disney will not bring in any bulldozer and or wrecking ball till they are ready to just go go go go and or don't know where and how to do it with out taking a big part of the parking lot!

Joe said...

Six Flags has Johnny Rocket's in their parks.
And if it's good enough for Six Flags...

Maybe they could open a Dinner Show where you are at a 1930's club, and there's all these ZANY characters who involve you in the show. They'll talk about their adventures. And maybe we can set the show in an old Library or something.
We can call it the Explorer's Society.

I know, that's just crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Mr.Staggs and go with that "Plan B", and reopen the clubs, so that we can Rock & Party on!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Staggs,
Come on now a new year is around the corner.
So fix up the Mannequins, 8trax and Motion, and try to do something with Soundstage, and AC.
So that they Rock!!! so everyone can party.

P.s. Put "Plan B" into action.