Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PI Update: Daytime Views

We've had some cool weather in Orlando these past few days and what better place to be cool, than beautiful Pleasure Island. I know my night pictures are often too dark to see a lot of detail so I made a point today to get out there before the sun went down. The top picture shows the construction wall around the stage in front of Portobello where niche musical groups often play. The middle picture shows the view from the T-Rex Cafe side of the bridge including the recently completed east span. To the left on that picture, the west span is now blocked off. The bottom photo above shows the west span removed and under construction.
At Planet Hollywood, new brick pavers are being installed near the AMC Pleasure Island 24 water fountain.
 Halloween decorations have been installed around Downtown Disney including this grouping near The Hub. These are the only such decorations on Pleasure Island.
 Finally, looking back into Motion and our prior discussion about that refrigerator on a pallet.Can anyone tell us what those other devices are to the right of the refrigerator?They look like portable sinks...but why? Also, another refrigerator on a pallet. Sources say that Motion is still being used for meetings, but only for Disney employees.


Joe said...

That inflatable pumpkin is previously from atop the MK Auto Plaza, inflated on MNSSHP nights. The big fiberglass pumpkin was also previously at MK.
I think it's amusing how they are trying to make PI look "alive" (and block the DEAD end of MOTiON with a giant inflatable pumpkin)

Those are portable sinks. Perhaps DTD is getting ready for the influx of crowds either for The Benefit Sale or Festival of the Masters events, both in November. I think they've tried a little Food & Wine kiosk/tent approach for added dining capacity during FotM; perhaps the sinks and fridges are for the kitchen prep staff?

71 said...

Best part of Fall at DTD...the Earl brought back his holiday sandwich!

Out of curiosity, are they trick-or-treating at DTD again this year?

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Do you think that the work going on in front of Fulton's is somehow related to the work on the bridge? If you look at P.I. on Google Earth, the work they are doing (which does not appear on Google Earth) looks like they are constructing a path straight through from the Marketplace. Perhaps for work on P.I.????

Anonymous said...

FYI; the pumpkins have always belong to Pleasure Island entertainment. The one in the picture was last used on the greens area at Boardwalk 2 years ago.

Joe said...

"the pumpkins have always belong to Pleasure Island entertainment"
Interesting; I don't recall seeing them. I guess didn't visit PI while they were up.