Friday, October 22, 2010

Club Reports: The Groove & Red Coconut Club

Fun night out at CityWalk last night as they get ready for Halloween. There is no official Halloween party out there next Saturday night but a lot of people show up in costume anyway.
The live band Switch aka Nerd Ranger was on The Groove stage last night for 80's Night. Their wacky brand of music is popular although most of the audience watches rather than dances. DJ Doc Wells (8TRAX) played more 80's between their three sets and after they finished.

This couple from Scotland was having a grand time!

Not super crowded last night but a decent-sized crowd nonetheless.

Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy was in the house along with friend Becky to do the Thriller dance. They had an entire group that was supposed to perform together however the rest of them felt Halloween Horror Nights was more important!

A number of others in the crowd joined in though.

Red Coconut Club had a good crowd on hand too. The earlier band set times are now in effect but interestingly, a different band was on the stage. Maybe the regular Herb Williams Band finally demanded a vacation!
As the night got later, the music being played by DJ G-Clef (Celebrate Tonight)  increasingly morphed from Top 40 into Hip Hop.


zulemara said...

it was torture having that suit on through 45 minutes of the band with 3 total layers on. yikes!

I really prefer the DJ. I've never been a fan of bands because they can't adapt a whole lot to crowd reaction.

Anonymous said...

I just heard DJ Doc is no longer at the Groove! ...anyone else?

KingBob said...

He might not be there anymore on Friday nights but he's there on Thursday nights for 80's Night.

zulemara said...

i'd love it if they would do a techno night on Fridays! I would be there every week!

DJ Mad said...

Come On...Breathe a little harder... let's get some life back on the island!!!

Brian said...

Hardy hawr hawrrr..."Clownboy DJ"