Sunday, October 24, 2010

Club Reports: CityWalk

Attended a wedding & reception last night featuring a pretty decent DJ however he was only paid until 9:30pm so that party came to a way-too-early conclusion. Knowing that I had not visited CityWalk on a Saturday night since mid-September, there was time to head over and check things out. And I'm glad I did as there were summer-like crowds throughout the complex including Red Coconut featuring the shy DJ Raoul (Power 95.3). 

The Groove was wall-to-wall with partiers for the mostly Top 40 and Hip Hop mix by DJ AJ. There was a continuously long line all night to get in. Once inside, lots of nice scenery! 

But the absolute highlight of the evening was the incredible set of House/Dance music put on by DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM,, Mega98.1, Senso) at Latin Quarter. The evening had been sprinkled with the stuff, intermixed with the more expected Salsa and Reggaeton. But all-of-a-sudden and without any warning around 12:45am, he switched to Dance and it never stopped until the lights came on close to 2am and he was forced to stop!! The dance floor was absolutely mobbed for this hour+ set as revelers cheered each new song! It ran so late I literally had to run back to The Groove to pay my tab in the already-closed club.


Anonymous said...

It's not the same....BUT, atleast we have City Walk! I'm excited to hear about the dance set at LQ! Maybe we'll head out there next week around 12:30ish...

KingBob said...

I was amazed about how many people were in the club area of CityWalk last night. I mean, this was not July, this was the end of October!