Sunday, October 17, 2010

Club Reports: Bliss, Vintage, Crooked Bayou, Suite-B

Saturday night in the city, trying to expand my horizons looking for good dance music. A sold-out Orlando Magic home game against the Chicago Bulls brought in an early crowd, many who lingered longer. Bliss Ultra Lounge was jammed as DJ Mickey Bono ( played one House/Dance hit after another and my favorite downtown bartendress Melissa poured strong drinks!

Vintage is another club with great House/Dance music, as one would expect considering the DJ is former Mannequins jock Dominick Morrison. Crowded and cramped, there were actually people dancing in various sectors including these ladies directly in front of the booth.

Often crowded but not so last night, Suite B Lounge is a place you'll always find House music of one form or another. St. Pete-based DJ All Wheel Drive aka Andy Mara was spinning Tech House last night, there just wasn't many there to listen. I'm told the club was packed Friday night.

I usually just pass right through Crooked Bayou and don't stop but that wasn't the case this visit because techno music stopped me dead in my tracks! DJ Atnarko was on the decks playing what I would describe as Funky House. There is a following for this as you can see the group watching and dancing!

Flyers are now posted at Tabu for the upcoming Aahz Encore, taking place Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday November 24th featuring DJ Kimball Collins & former Mannequins DJ Dave Cannalte. You could hardly move in last year's Aahz Reunion and this year's event promises more of the same and better. Anyone who liked Mannequins back in the day when it was pure Techno, Trance and House must attend this. $15 cheap! Tickets on-line or at The Drop Shop.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to know that atleast we still have options...even if they are downtown. It was City Walk for us last night.... Most places had a good crowd and Rising Star was packed! Atleast 10 people deep at the bar and at the stage. The Groove had a decent crowd and decent music. We were at RCC at the begining of the night where the crowd was nice...left around 9:30ish to head to Rising Star. Didn't go to LQ, BM, or PO'B.....

Anonymous said...

That Mellissa is cute.

KingBob said...

Anon #1, thanks for the Saturday night report from CityWalk. Yes, there are Saturday night options for people that liked the old Mannequins music and those that liked the newer Mannequins music.

Anon #2, true dat!

Anonymous said...

Already bought my tickets for the AAHZ Encore, can't wait!!!
Bob, there's a Club Infinity Reunion on December 25th with DJ Sandy, Stylus, Andy Hughes,and Rob-E at the old Infinity (now called 11/12 Lounge)!!