Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking News: Motion Demolition Imminent

Save Pleasure Island Blog team coverage live from Pleasure Island this evening with roving reporters Thommy and William on the ground! Please excuse the photos but it's dark out there! Island sources confirm that the main walkway is going to be routed, as previously reported, through where Motion currently stands.
PHOTO 1: Scroll down to last Tuesday's article and you'll see a Pleasure Island sign on top of that fence  behind Raglan Road. It's been removed!
PHOTO 2: Commotion in Motion. Sources say that entertainment gear was removed today as they begin clearing the place. Another source say Motion is definitely coming down.
PHOTO 3: The center truss has been lowered and sits on the floor.
PHOTO 4: The main window in front of Adventurers Club has been covered and may have actually been removed too but can't tell because of the covering.
NOT PICTURED: Construction permit filed for AMC Sign Package. They are changing their name from AMC Pleasure Island 24 to AMC Downtown Disney 20. Some theaters are being merged and enlarged to include tables.

Will try to get photos in daylight tomorrow morning. If you're local and don't have pictures of your favorite buildings, you need to come out and take some soon as some buildings won't be here much longer!


Anonymous said...

I heard BET and A/C where already down I guess NOT!!!

zulemara said...

LOL not quite. They don't even have walls around them and we largely expect they will not be the first down, motion will be

Anonymous said...

Motion is the best club on the planet, what the hell are they doing?

Anonymous said...

Well, soon MOTION will be a big pile of garbage, and then later an overpriced restaurant which sells garbage.
Bold new vision!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mannequinns & 8Trax will still be standing.
Remember we have to have some clubs open so the adults can party.

So come on Mr Staggs let's get some of the clubs reopen so everybody can party!!

KingBob said...

Anon at 1:04am: The construction permit refers to proposed construction on what is currently called Celebration Plaza. That work would only commence once the BET/Adventurers Club building had been demolished. It does not literally mean it's already demolished. And we know it isn't.

I never felt Motion was the best club on the planet but I do miss it. And I do think it's a waste to tear down a usable building...with a kitchen in it...for a new walkway.

Anon at 6:29pm, we should be hearing something soon. My guess is the forthcoming announcements will make no mention of what is to become of 8TRAX & Mannequins.