Monday, October 4, 2010

Aahz Encore Returning to Orlando

Probably the greatest night of House/Techno music I ever experienced was last Thanksgiving Eve when they held the Aahz Reunion in downtown Orlando at the old Beacham Theater. It was a 20th anniversary of the club that defined the House scene back in late 80's and early 90's. The original Aahz DJ's Kimball Collins (Aahz) and Dave Cannalte (Aahz, Mannequins) return this Thanksgiving Eve for Aahz Encore. Tickets are $15 at and locally at The Drop Shop. It wasn't just the music. The lighting brought in was fantastic and the crowd was generally older since it included so many who used to party at Aahz. Lots and lots of Mannequins people. Unless you're going out-of-town for the holiday, you need to attend this! Taking place Wednesday, November 24th at the old Beacham Theater, better known now as Tabu Night Club. But nothing like Tabu.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was there last year. What a GREAT night that was. I am definitely going this year also.

Brian said...

I loved it heard a lot of great Music!
back in the day when there was music to dance to. listen to and enjoy! not the remix,mash-ups or take an 70's80's and or 90's and just put BASS over the track!

Anonymous said...

We will be attending after the Magic beat the Heat at Amway Center.
Went last year and it was the greatest thing all of last year in O Town!!!

KingBob said...

Purchased my tickets on Friday at The Drop Shop on Robinson Street, across from the TG Lee dairy. $15 and no service charge.